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The compare windows system restore

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Compare Windows System Restore

Before comparing Windows System restore it is important to understand it pitfalls and limitations.
Windows System Restore acts as a partial Windows System Restore option; it is designed to roll-back files to a earlier state. Unfortunately, Windows System Restore has its share of limitations. Firstly - Windows System Restore can ONLY restore system files and registry settings - No data or third party apps can be restored. Furthermore, Windows System Restore can only function if Windows is operational - which is a catch-22. In most instances, if you make severe system or registry entry modifications; Windows may become unbootable or you may experience the infamous Blue Screen of Death (BSOD).

If you share these concerns regarding Windows System Restore - you are definitely not alone. We have worked with many clients that required instant recovery from system changes even if Windows is completely inoperable.

What compares to Windows System Restore?

The closest solution that compares to Windows System Restore and surpasses its features is RollBack Rx. No other System restore utility can compare with it robust PC time machine functionality.

Did you ever wish your computer was a instant time machine which better compares to System Restore? RollBack Rx converts you PC into a complete Windows time shuttle - replacing Windows system restore with a more robust and comprehensive instant recovery that restores everything - right down to the last byte. Rollback Rx's compares better than System Restore as it functions at the sector level of the hard drive - essentially converting your PC into a virtual Windows-time-machine replacement.

Compare Windows System Restore with RollBack Rx - Watch it in action!

Watch RollBack Rx - Windows System Restore compared on YouTube

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RollBack Rx is Windows Time Shuttle software. It has revolutionized Disaster Recovery with its compare windows system restore restore technology. RollBack Rx for compare windows system restore makes it quick and easy to restore PC's up-to-the second of a disaster - without any data loss. RollBack Rx (compare windows system restore) is a simple-to-use, cost effective method of recovering from any PC disaster by enabling users to take real-time snapshots of your hard disk, and files - providing compare windows system restore technology.

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